Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Shame of Not Posting

Oh goodness!  Shame on me for not posting for more than 3 months.  *sigh*  Ok, I'm over it - and you should be too.  The fact is that life has been very stable, so I really haven't had much to talk about.

School began again in mid-August, and we've pretty much been living in the new house about 80% of the time.  We sleep here, and until it got too cold and dark to continue to hang out on the porch in the early evening, we were eating here as well.

In early November, we moved the table and chairs into the dining room and started closing the porch door at night.  It really does get cold out there.  It has been in the 40s on some mornings when it is in the 20s outside.  The good news is that it doesn't take long to heat it up into the 60s with the small space heater that we have. Yes, there is a built-in wall heater, but we really don't trust it.

Other changes:  We had AT&T Uverse installed in late July - bundle of phone, cable and internet.  That has not been without some minor technical glitches at times, but overall, we are pleased with it.  In August, we bought a desk for the dining room, and I moved my computer over because I knew I was going to need it once school started.  Once we moved the dining table into the dining room, we moved my desk and computer to my sewing room.  It is quite comfy working there.  I honestly now have very little reason to go to the other house... except to deal with clothes.

Clothes.  That seems to be the only sticky wicket I've had to deal with.  Transitioning from summer clothes in the new closet to fall/winter has been a challenge.  More than once, I've wanted something that was at the other house, when I thought it was already here.  The good part of this is that I'm only bringing the stuff here that I REALLY like, so by next summer, I should have a very clear picture of what I can get rid of without missing it.

Now that it has turned colder and gets dark earlier, we don't feel as compelled to eat dinner here.  Lately, we've been going back to the old house around sunset for dinner.  We hang out for a few hours, and then come "home" for the rest of the evening.  We still do laundry over there, and Hubs usually spends the night there once every couple of weeks - just to kind of make sure things are ok.

So, the 2 house lifestyle continues to work for us.  Tentatively I am planning on just decorating New House for the holidays.  I want to get a fresh tree for the porch - we haven't had a fresh tree in several years, so I'm looking forward to it.

I did a little decorating at Halloween.  Thanks to Pinterest, I got some pumpkin ideas.  Here are some photos of what I did:

I have also invested in some new holiday greenery for the front windowsills.  It should last for years, and has battery powered LED lights that are on a timer to be on for 6 hours each evening.

So, that's the November update.  I'll try to post more about the holiday decs in the next few weeks.  Thanks for reading, and don't forget to feed the fish!