Saturday, February 28, 2015

A New Record

We've been breaking records right and left in Central Ohio over the last few weeks, but it's all been about the snow levels and the extreme cold temperatures.  Yesterday, Hubs and I noted a record-breaking event in our yard!

About 6 pm, Hubs looked out the patio door and here is what he saw:

How many Dear Deer do you count?  

"4" you say?

Well, check this out:

It was sooooo exciting!  They are SO Cute!  

We have concluded that we are seeing more deer this year than ever before because there are no dogs living at the houses around us any more.  Until the summer of 2013, there was a very barky dachshund at the house to our south that the deer would have had to walk past to get from the creek to our back yard.  Even if Ginger wasn't out in the yard, she would have barked at them from the patio door, and she was out a lot in nice weather.  Also, the house that is 2 houses to our north had a variety of dogs over the years, often 2 at a time, and they were often out in the yard where they would have barked at the deer in our yard.  The people who live there now don't have dogs.  Also, at times in the past, the house behind us (seen at the right in the last video) had a dog that was out in the yard a lot.  No dogs now, and the deer come!  WHO KNEW!!!

That's all my news for now.  Tonight we are waiting to find out if we will have 5" more of snow tomorrow - on March 1 !!!  

Enjoy the Dear Deer, and come back again soon!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kids? Why are you here?

Hello Everyone!  My Goodness!  It has been a long time since I've written!  I miss my blog!  I think it's time to start doing some updating!  Let's start with animals..... and the weather!

Today - as of 5:00 pm - my outdoor thermometer says it is 8 degrees.  The news tells me we had a record low last night of -9, and windchills were down in the -20s.  Tonight we are expected to have another record cold night here in Central Ohio.

Then, we look out in the back yard at Old House, and whom do we see?

We are used to having ducks visit us in the spring.  They like to come around dusk and hang out, sometimes for a couple of hours, under the bird feeders.  This year, we started seeing them in late January.  Then February got colder.... and colder... and they kept coming.  Sometimes we see as many as 6 at a time.  Most often there are 2 or 3 - a male and female or 2 males and a female.  

Enjoy this video of the Snacking Ducks taken on 2-18-15.  

Talk to you again soon!