Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It's BackSplash Day!

Hello Friends,

Today was backsplash day after giving the countertops a night to settle into their silicone caulk.

Keith started with the stove side.  He had previously smoothed out the wall with drywall mud in preparation for today.  My tile comes in sheets which makes for easier application than individual tiles.

Here is a before (old kitchen) photo:

Here is the wall after demolition with the new cabinets in place:
(The old tiles were individual squares)

Here is a photo of the prepped wall:

Here is today's work in progress:

This whole job has been a greatbighuge learning experience for me.  One thing I learned about tile is that even after you order your tile sheets, you will need some sort of finishing-edge product.  It could be bull-nose tiles, or it could be a border of some kind.  My Handyman Matters workers instructed me about this (I didn't learn about it from my kitchen designer).  They suggested I go to Home Depot or Lowe's and look at the options in the tile section.  I did that, and I found a metal strip that fits with my hardware theme.  Technically it is called Aluminum Tile Edging.  I chose one that is 3/8" in Brushed Antique Bronze.   It comes in 8' long pieces and then is cut to fit.  The back portion with the holes is fit into the mortar.  My tiles fit into a curve on the piece.  Here is what it looks like: 

Here is the workspace as it is today:  

The sink was also plumbed today. The Insinkerator is on the left side.  

Tomorrow, Keith will grout what has been put up.  He will finish everything after the 2 delayed upper cabinets come in (next week).  

That's it for today!  Thanks for visiting!


Monday, August 1, 2016

Kitchen Progress Is Being Made!

Hello Friends,

Since I have a number of friends who are watching progress on the kitchen remodel, I decided to post an update today, even though it isn't finished yet.

Today was a big day - Countertop Installation!

However before I get to that, let me give you some basic information and share that knobs and pulls have been installed since my last update.  Here is what those look like:

Brand: KraftMaid
Door Style: Amhurst
Wood:  Oak
Color: Fawn

Store:  Lowe's - special order online only
Brand: Hickory Hardware
Name: Craftsman 1-1/4"
Item #: P2170-Bl

Store: Lowe's - in store stock
Brand: Style Selections
Name: 3.78" Pull - Aged Bronze Finish
Item #: 0300920

Store: Home Depot - in store stock
Brand: Pfister
Name: Cantara - Pull-out 
Color: Tuscan Bronze Finish
Item #: F-534-7CRY

Store: The Anderson's
Brand: Karran
Material: Quartz 
Color: Beige
Style #: Q360R

Store:  Lang Stone 
Brand: Silestone 
Material:  Quartz
Color: Quasar

Lang Stone came out on July 14, after the base cabinets had been installed, and did a laser measurement for the countertops.  At that time we talked about the reveal over the sink, and the edge style I wanted.  They gave me an installation date of Monday, August 1, and they took the sink with them.  

This morning, my Handman Matters workman, Keith, came around 11 and disconnected the plumbing and removed the old countertop.  Promptly at 1 pm, the Lang Stone people arrived with my countertops.  

The first thing they did was install the sink, and lay the counters on the stove side.  Here is the rough-in of the sink:

I had misunderstood that the sink would be attached to the countertop because when they came to measure for the countertop, they took the sink with them.  In fact, it isn't hanging from the counter.  The sink is actually sitting on 2x4 pieces that were screwed into the inside walls of the sink cabinet.  

Next, the big countertop was laid in place, some shims were added to make it level, and then silicone caulk was used at several points to hold it in place.  There is no adhesive used because it is so heavy that it really doesn't need adhesive.  Here is what it looks like now:

The caulk has to set before the plumbing can be done, so that will happen tomorrow, and then work on the backsplash will begin.  Keith will start on the stove side, and then move to the sink side, but he can't finish that side until after the 2 missing upper cabinets are installed - which we HOPE will be next week.  

Stay tuned for info about the backsplash tomorrow!