Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yard Trash or Found Art?

One morning a week or so ago, I went out my front door to pick up my morning paper, and something caught my eye.  Off to the side of my sidewalk on the mulch around the plantings was something that didn't belong there.  Trash - I thought.  I went over to pick it up, and thought it looked like a playing card, face-down in the mulch.   Although a little bigger than a standard playing card, the back still looked like a standard deck.  When I turned it over, I realized it wasn't from a standard deck of playing cards.  At first, I thought it was from a deck of Tarot cards, but after having searched images of Tarot cards online, I can't find anything even remotely similar to this.  So, now I am guessing it is a card from some board game that I'm not familiar with.

I am posting the images here in the hopes that one of my readers will be able to enlighten me.  The character sort of looks like Jekyll / Hyde...  ???


Thanks for reading!  Don't forget to feed the fish!  

:) Amy