Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Odyssey Continues - The March Report

Hello Followers,

March has been a frustrating month in the weight-loss department because I've been stuck - bouncing around between about the same 3 numbers.  I started the month at -39, but I haven't seen that number since March 1.  -38, -37, -36 and even a couple of views of -35 have been the norm.

Today, however, I seem to have broken through.  I actually saw -40 on the scale for the first time EVER!  WOO HOO!!!  I would have jumped up and down, but then I would have broken the scale, and we can't have that now can we!

This has been a very interesting week in the food department.  On Wednesday, I talked with my WW Leader about my plateau.  She had me run down a list of things I'd been eating and she said that even though I am staying within my points,  I might be using too many of my precious points for junk/snack foods, so I left the meeting resolved to cut down on my snacks.  She also suggested that I needed to change things up - change the routine.

The timing of this conversation could not have been better because on Thursday afternoon, I left for a short trip to visit friends a couple of hours away.  I was a little scared because I knew I would be eating in unfamiliar restaurants for 3 days. However, I didn't take snack stuff with me so that I wouldn't just sit in my hotel room and eat in the evenings before bed.

At Wednesday's meeting, I asked the group for their suggestions of what to get at Olive Garden, knowing that would be dinner on Thursday.  Several people suggested items that would be good for me, so then I did my homework.  I pulled up Olive Garden's menu on 1 tab and Weight Watcher's website on another tab, and I figured out what would be best.  I chose the Baked Tilapia and Shrimp meal which was 8 pts.  I learned that bread sticks are 4 and the house salad was 5, add a glass of wine for 4 as well.  Ok - I had 2 breadsticks.  However, because I had planned my meal the night before, I purposely ate fewer points than usual for breakfast and lunch, and I managed to do well for the day.

Friday, I had a banana and a small muffin for breakfast at the hotel, then I had a typical school lunch - deli turkey sandwich (on a round sandwich thin), a Kraft cheese stick and an apple.  So, I was ready when we went to The Black Angus Steakhouse in Van Wert for dinner.  My 8oz filet mignon was only 9 pts.   That came with free brocolli and a salad with dressing on the side.  Add a 4 pt. glass of wine, and the little 4 pt. bag of Famous Amos cookies that I bought when I got back to the hotel that night, and we had another good day!

Saturday was good as well.  For breakfast at Bob Evans, I only had a bowl of fruit and an English Muffin with Strawberry Jam.  I ate light because I knew I would be meeting friends for lunch at The Old Barn Out Back.  I did my homework there too and found out they had a salad buffet, so that was what I planned on having.  Little did I know, their salad buffet is actually HUGE and it really draws in the patrons.  Most people just get the buffet there on Saturdays.  So, I had a nice salad with low-fat dressing (lots of "free" toppings to chose from), some fruit, a spoonful of potato salad and a spoonful of cole slaw.  I got a baked chicken leg/thigh (pushed the skin aside and just ate the meat), corn and carrots, then I splurged on a brownie for dessert.  I was very satisfied with my meal and not many points were spent.

Once I got home in the evening, Hubby and I made our own pizza.  My slice of 1/4 of the pie was 8 points.

Here I am today, lookin' at -40 on the scale after being stuck for 3 weeks, and eating out for 3 days.  Wow!  I am very pleasantly surpised!  What I have learned is that it is possible to eat healthy in restaurants with a little planning and careful choosing!  Lean protein, fruits and veggies are always there - as long as you are careful of the toppings, you can do quite well.

At Wednesday's meeting, we also talked about habit.  For me, for most of my 56+ years, I have eaten what I wanted, when I wanted.  That is now a habit that is hard to break.  Planning ahead, careful shopping, and mindfulness is going to help me break that habit.  I am a little scared of the summer ahead of me, but I am determined to make progress on my journey!

To sum up:
Sept = 10#
Oct = 10#
Nov & Dec = 10#
Jan, Feb, March = 10#

Interesting pattern isn't it?  I'm not sure what it means for the future.... guess I will just keep going and find out!

One last thing before I go.  My friend Caryn in Tennessee has been watching me on this journey, and she is very good at coming up with cute rhyming phrases for whatever my new number is.  Today she decided that I deserved a whole poem, so I am sharing it here with her permission:
I am calling it
"Ode to the Newest Number"

How 'bout me?
I'm now down 40!
Feelin' great and even sporty!
Yes, I know, I'm also shorty,
But I don't care cause
I'm less 40 !!!!

That just made us both laugh out loud! Hope you enjoyed it too!

Thanks for reading today!