Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Odyssey Continues - Mid-Fall Report

Hello Friends,

Since it has been awhile, I decided it was time to give an Odyssey update. I have made some changes recently, and I also did some analysis today.

Let’s start with news for October:
  • On October 1, I saw the first new number on the scale in 4 months.  I started my day with 212 # on the scale.  The previous Nakey Morning Low was 214 # on May 29.  That is over 4 months with no numbers showing up on the scale.  EEK!
  • Today, I saw 211 # for the first time in this journey.  That puts me at a new low of -49 total loss since September 2015.  WHEE!

Here are some stats for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing:
  • From Sept 1 to March 20, I lost 40#.  
    • Sept = 10, Oct = 10, Nov/Dec = 10, Jan/Feb/Mar = 10
  • From March 20 to May 29, I lost 6#
  • June/July/Aug/Sept, I lost nothing - bounced around in the same 5 pound range.
  • Oct loss is 3#, so far.

The patterns shown here are very interesting to me.  The trend - that it takes longer and longer to lose - presents interesting challenges.  I
wasn’t really surprised that I didn’t lose over the summer because I was really off plan during vacations.  For the month of June when I had two vacations where I was eating in restaurants almost every day, I had a net gain of about 3-4 pounds, then I spent most of July losing that.  I really expected to gain more and to take longer losing it, so overall, I was pleased with the summer.  Once I went back to school, the routine helped a lot, and it was easy to be back on plan.  However, I expected to start losing again.  The fact that I didn’t scared me a bit, so it was a huge relief to finally start seeing new numbers.  

The frustration with my slow loss the last 2 months has led me to some soul searching.   As I was starting this journey, a big part of it for me was about understanding that this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change.  Over the months of using the WW plan, I’ve learned how to make healthier choices for myself.  This is about food intake, certainly, but it is also about activity level, sleep, stress - in other words, the WHOLE me.  The fact that I’ve lost 49 pounds, is a huge accomplishment that I am proud of.  I am now about where I was in college - 35 years ago.  I have totally overhauled my wardrobe and am now in mostly all new clothes.  YAY!  My proud docs have reduced all of my meds.  YAY!  And Hey!  I can cross my legs again!  YAY!  I can now actually take pride in my appearance instead of always trying to hide myself.  Maybe I need to relax and enjoy what I’ve accomplished and not stress-out over the slow progress?  What if this is my body’s new normal, and it is happy here!  I think I can live with that!

Certainly, I want to keep going.  My big goal is to get below 200.  At this rate, it may take another year to get there.  I have no reason to believe I will regain what I have lost.  My new lifestyle is now part of how I define who I am.  

So, that’s the news for now.  I will keep you posted as things change…. Or not, as the case may be.

Thanks for your continued support!  My cheerleaders have been a huge help along the way!

Come back again soonly!

:) Amy

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